hidden kitchen

I read somewhere recently that kitchens were essentially a big storage room. Never thought about it that way, but it’s so true! Have you seen some of the “hidden kitchen” designs out there?


Appliances are all hidden and the cabinets integrate so that the kitchen is a real continuation of the rest of the home design. Functionally, is it annoying to have everything out of sight? I have no idea. But it looks pretty, darn amazing, doesn’t it?


The kitchen above by Mimosa Design is such a showstopper and basically my dream. I’d love to be able to pull off something like this in our apartment. It would be really amazing if we could find a cabinet style that we then carried through to our hallway linen closet or maybe we even coordinate with all our doors. I’m really drawn to that traditional molding too but I sort of feel like my apartment needs a sleeker style cabinet.

In the brief for this project the homeowners noted that they don’t cook often. Is that an indicator that this wouldn’t work for people who do? (Please say no!)

Would you do this type of kitchen design?

Wood hidden kitchen by Vincenzo de Cotiis | White hidden kitchen by Mimosa Design

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