Not the fabric, the TV series.

My obsession with binge watching TV shows on Netflix led me to find  Velvet.  It’s a soapy Spanish dramedy about the forbidden love between a department store owner and his seamstress. They use American pop music as the score – oftentimes pairing silly, upbeat tracks with highly dramatic moments. I was hooked immediately!

In season 1 I noticed a design that is prevalent throughout the Galleries Velvet. It’s a sort of art decor inspired logo but the application to the windows looks especially modern to me.


Now, in season 2, I see that the design on the show runs much deeper. VelvetDesign

Aren’t the sets stunning? They make 50’s/60’s design look incredibly fresh and modern.

Definitely worth checking it out if you’re looking for a new show!

Screenshots via Velvet on Netflix 

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