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It’s March. And I’m feeling a little deja vu, because last year around this time I pledged to finish our balcony to enjoy all summer long. I did a few things, but then I let my hydrangea plants and herbs die from thirst in the fall and left all our stuff outside all winter. So I’m just going to pretend nothing ever happened and start over again…

Here’s what the balcony looked like when we moved in:


And here’s what it looks like now (after a massive clean-up) and my beautiful hydrangea before it’s tragic death.  The custom console was purchased last year from Rustic Cabin Studio and it’s perfect for the space!


I have an entire Pinterest board of inspiration for our balcony and frankly, my vision has been tempered to what I actually can pull off  and how much I want to invest in this space (not much right now.) I know that I want it to be extremely leafy – as in plants dripping from the ceiling and walls. And I want a little seating area for our family to have dinner outside on occasion. In terms of design, my inspiration is somewhere between a traditional country garden, an eclectic Moroccan riad and one of the jungle side bars in Tulum. Try making sense of all that.


The only challenge is… we belong to a co-op so I’m not sure how keen they’d be on tons of nails in the brick facade and things hanging from the concrete ceiling. Also, tiling the floor would be a pain because the floor’s uneven and there’s a drain to work around.

So, for the short term, here’s the to do list.


And exciting news… despite its low priority I’ve knocked up a couple of items on this to do list! Updates coming soon…

Image and product links on my Balcony Inspiration and Shopping for the Outdoors Pinterest boards. 

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