our paint story

Another thing we’re moving forward with is FINALLY painting our apartment. Our super Super is managing the job and it’s quite a doozy. So much so, I threw this guide together to ensure we are on the same page and that nothing is overlooked. Especially important since we won’t be home during the day to keep an eye on things. How terrified do you think our Super was when he saw this thing?! Items in red are the loose ends I’m still tying up.


Here’s the color scheme for each of the rooms with the paint as well as the complimentary colors that will be incorporated in fabrics, furniture and artwork:


We did the electrical work: re-centering and installing a fan in the living room and replacing the boob light with a fan in our bedroom.

Seeing the colors all together is really satisfying. I see a lot of consistencies and subtle color transitions throughout the apartment. It’s really working together nicely.

The job will take a few weeks to complete, but by early April (after only TWO years of living with paint swatches all over the walls!) our apartment will be entirely painted (well… except for the closets, holding off on those until we’re ready to install closet organization systems).

Painting will go a long way in making the apartment feel more pulled together. I’ll snap some pictures when it’s done!

Paint colors all Benjamin Moore, who is not sponsoring this post, but might as well be. 🙂

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