statement necklaces

I flew through two seasons of Younger in the last week or so. Made by one of the producers of SATC, it’s a Tvland original about 40 year old Liza who reinvents herself as a 26 year old in order to get a job in publishing after her divorce. While the story focuses on Liza, her boss Diana Trout steals the show with her amazing style. I would expect nothing less from the costume designer Patricia Fields (also of SATC fame)!
Three things stand out to me about Diana’s style: bold color combos, a ton of graphic patterns, and big jewelry.

Speaking of, I do love a good statement necklace, here are a few of my favorites:


Anyone else have a good lead on a statement necklace? Would love to find more of the big, chunky, minimalist ones…

Madame Fortuna | Bayila | Lacersuite | Havana Flamingo | IKKX

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