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I’m really committed to loving, like really loving, all the new things we buy for our apartment. I don’t want to settle. But when pressed, it’s hard to seek and find combinations of things where you love all equally. For me, it usually happens more like this:

I see this image, LOVE it, and immediately recall a chandelier that sort of captures the look.


And then I think about those praying mantis lights I’ve seen everywhere. I always did envision something more unexpected than pendants above our bar….



I think I’ve pinned the same “pick up sticks” chandelier ten times. My dining room has some foundational, traditional elements so I need my lighting, the side console, and the new chairs to mode things up. This version of Billy Cotton’s pick up chandelier, at a smaller scale and budget, fits the bill.


So, I love all these pieces individually. But would they look great together and in my space?

My kitchen plans are dark navy’ish blue modern cabinetry, minimal or no hardware, white walls, marble counters and backsplash and likely a light stone (beige or grey) flooring. I’ll probably do some can lights and a ton of under the cabinetry lights so that, unlike now, we’ll have terrific task lighting in our kitchen.

Now just imagine, these three in the kitchen, over the bar, and over our dining table.


I’m SUPER into it. This is likely one of those times where I’d override any negative comments from my husband… What do you think!?

Kitchen chandelier inspiration TKOW  | Bar scone inspiration Michael Penneman via Design Lovers BlogDining chandelier inspiration  Billy Cotton Pick Up Chandelier via Domaine | Pelle Chandelier Gooseneck West Elm| Mid Century Flex Wall Light Black Rooster | Ceiling Sputnik Etsy or Billy Cotton (at $8k…in my dreams)

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