masking with moroccan screens

It’s a universal truth that a TV placed against a white wall stands out like a sore thumb. I just sort of forgot that it applied to our apartment, until I posted pictures of our living room.

I entertained the idea of painting the wall dark (a la accent wall) to mask the TV but I wanted the whole room to be light and bright, and I sort of hate accent walls at this point.

However, when I saw these amazing Moroccan screens from Etsy store, Moroccan Accents, I had an idea…


What if I got a screen to go behind our TV console? Here’s a very rough sketch…


Hmmm… I love the concept! It totally makes the TV blend in but it would be super dependent on finding the right screen for my space.

What do you think I should do? Any other ideas for masking that hideous TV? You know, we’re talking about getting an even larger one….

Screens via Moroccan Accents


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