climbing plants

My plant obsession continues… even as my peace lilly slowly dies in a corner of our living room.

Black thumb aside, I really wish I had some dramatic ceilings and arches in which to climb greenery all over.

I’m hoping to get closer to the dream with this outdoor trellis I bought from a Charlotte, NC estate sale via (The number of items I’m planning to ask my brother to bring up when he moves to NY are increasing by the day…)

I love that the corners hinge so I can play with placement on my small balcony and potentially block the ugly view of scaffolding across the street. Now to find the right climbing plant to fill this thing up.
Have you heard of this Everything But the House? It basically opens up the estate sale world online so that you can buy from anywhere. I’m having fun perusing the sales and look forward to it moving its way up the East Coast. Being about to pick up from a local sale is much more affordable than having to ship (which they also do arrange.)

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