displaying guitars

Since I’m married to a musician, I’m always on the lookout for classy ways to display guitars. I want them to be easily accessible without giving off a sloppy, man cave vibe. Jenny Komenda did it best.


At one point I was thinking about painting a “frame” on the wall behind the guitars. This might still happen, but maybe I’ll use a high gloss varnish or just a share or two darker than our white paint. I think it could be gorgeous if very subtly done.

This picture’s super bad, but you get the idea…


I love this next image since it’s reminiscent of what we’ll have when we divide Brian’s music room/study/guest space from our main living area.


But… there’s a reason music and decorating for Brian is on my brain. Yesterday was his 40th birthday (!!) and today the celebration continues as we head upstate for Brian to record a demo with a Woodstock-based producer (his birthday gift from Mabel and I.)

I made a “this is your life” style video that we premiered at his party last night. In so many of the videos that his friends and family sent they said “___ wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Brian.” And its true, the way he shares his passions inspires and benefits so many others.

Not only do I love him, but I admire him deeply. Happy birthday Brian!

Images via Domino, Apartment Therapy, Archello.com

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