flea market regret


Years ago, I stumbled across this gorgeous photo of a woman emerging from a pool at the Chelsea Flea Market. The color could only be described as scrumptious and decadent – I really wanted it. I mulled over it for a bit. It was $50 – though I didn’t even try to get the price down. Ultimately, I decided that it wasn’t a “must have” and moved on.


I recently unearthed this picture and a pang of regret washed over me. Perhaps this amazing portrait will find it’s way back to me someday? Ugh. I’m so mad at myself right now!

Also… I just realized why¬†this portrait may have imprinted as it did. It totally reminds me of Claire Elsaesser‘s Sea work, which I’ve been mooning over for years.


What about you? Any flea market regrets?

Bottom images via Claire Elsaesser

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