second home(s) part two

A few weeks back I suggested to Brian that we consider living abroad for a year or so. Brian works for a company where this dream (something I wish I’d done in college) could be a reality, like, tomorrow. But as it turns out, my husband has no interest in living abroad for large swaths of time. That said, he’s very interested in appeasing me and taking long trips abroad. Hence, he suggested that maybe we  also consider buying a small village apartment in Europe at some point. Sold! Clearly, the promise of any type of a housing structure sustains our marital disagreements.


In addition to my existing habit of keep a pulse on real estate in Upstate New York, I’ve found a new market to watch… northwestern Italy. It’s a similar story actually… beautiful  landscapes, perfectly little villages built onto mountains, close to cosmopolitan cities, and, importantly, it’s a region known for its Barolo wine and for being the birthplace of the slow food movement.

Of course, this is all very hypothetical and dependent on so many things. Who knows what the future will actually hold? But my mind is already spinning (and looking for real estate), which is going to make for some very fun blog content in the near future.

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