on warren street

I will never tire of perusing the shops along Warren Street in Hudson, New York. Per usual, there are so many incredible items that I didn’t try to keep track of everything I saw and liked. So these are the creme de la creme, and, in many cases, the gorgeous things I bought!


It’s worth mentioning that I found a set of 4 vintage white Saaranin chairs for $600 at George. I didn’t inspect, so perhaps they were faux. Either way, it’s a great price for a very popular look.

In addition…

Colonia remains one of my favorite shops. It’s run by a former set designer, which shows. She has a wonderfully curated, bold collection, which I also find very reasonably priced.

Finch is a new discovery and walking around their store was a series of “I. love. that.” moments. The antiques, although incredible, were out of my price range, but their tabletop and garden items were more affordable and equally amazing. Plus, their story is the stuff dreams are made of.

Hawkins NY. Well I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said at least twice before. In addition to the Shapes rug, also bought their Marfa candle and will be shipping another lot to Brooklyn soon – it’s that good and my new favorite candle scent.

I’ve been a fan of Hudson Home for a while. They do awesome antique rug pillows and ottomans. They’ve moved into a new space, which feels like a fabulous loft or maybe like this black beachhouse. Doesn’t matter – it’s a must see. And we found their customer service very helpful. More on that later.

Finally, Les Indiennes also lived up to all the hype.

Phone Booth via Elijah Slocum | Kids Room by Kelly Edwards | Colored Glass Lamp by  Joe Cariati via Finch | Mural by Kevin Paulson via Finch | Vintage Rug Pillow via Hudson Home | Shapes Rug by Alyson Fox via Hawkins NY | Waveweave Pillows Katarina Tana Collection via Locust Tree | Blockprint Pillows by Les Indiennes

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