casa montagna verde

I mentioned that my discussion with Brian about buying a home in Italy got my wheels turning. Well, rubber hits the road when I find a real estate listing with enough pictures to draft a floorplan!

When I saw this home on 4 acres near the northwestern Italy village of Levice in the Piedmont Region, every alarm in my body went off. I mean, COME ON…


The stone walls, the beamed ceilings, the balcony, the arch framed windows, THE VIEW. I’m calling it Casa Montagna Verde, for obvious reasons. I actually love that it’s “partially restored”… the hard part of gutting and cleaning is done. All I see is possibility (and probably dollar signs… my unbridled imagination does not do budget friendly renovations)

To show you my vision, I think its best to take it to the floor plan, which is by no means to scale.



Essentially what you see here is a whole lot of empty space. I can’t imagine there’s a staircase inside this property connecting the two floors.

My vision is that this would be a vacation home, something to rent out during ski and summer season. Therefore, the needs are fantastic gathering spaces, at least 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths, some storage (skis, linens, etc.), a cozy fireplace, an outside dining space and a pool. And, obviously, there needs to be a way to connect the main and lower levels.




This will all make more sense when I show you my ideas for interior design (next week!) but there are a couple of key elements to take note of and inspiration images (more for shape and concept than style) to help you see what I see.


Brian and I went to the ballet last weekend and the theatre completed inspired my design for this house. More on all that when we talk design next week. Ugh, THIS IS SO FUN.

Almost as fun as actually buying and restoring this dream house…

House Listing Photos from RightMoveOverseas 

Kitchen Inspiration Pics Remmelt van der Wal, Richard Lindval, Joanna Gaines | Entry Lounge Inspiration Pics CASE-REAL, via | Addition Inspiration Pics via,  Apropos UK, Brooke and Steve Gianetti 

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