Somehow, recently the house from the movie Housesitter came to mind.


The vaulted living room, the breezeway, even the buttercream yellow paint. Part of what made it so luxurious was that it was essentially a one bedroom home custom for Newton and his former girlfriend, for whom he built the house to declare his love. You’ve seen the movie, right?

Side note, world’s best gift?

So anyways, I was thinking about this house and then somehow, it appeared.


You guys! Someone built the Housesitter house in Maryland. They made some adjustments, sure. The vaulted ceilings are no more and instead, its a spacious 4-6 bedroom house.

But the front exterior porch and that breezeway are still, just perfection. It’s essentially a modern farmhouse design and I appreciate all the old world references (the antique mantel and doors) in the Housesitter house vs. the listing. It’s possible this design is more relevant and compelling now, than when I first saw it in 1992 (gah, so long ago!)


AND, even more amazing: another Housesitter fan drew up her version of the Housesitter floorplan and its like she’s reading my mind. The farm garden is genius.


I’d make a few changes, like changing the space between the breakfast and dining room into a butler’s pantry, but primarily to add more bedrooms. Then again, that’s probably how you end up with house in the real estate listing!

Do you guys love the Housesitter house as well? What would you change? Hmm… this could be a thing, laying out the movie floorplans and then creating our own version. I like it – which house should I start with?

Listing via Day Weitzman | Housesitter Images via HookedonHouses | Floorplan by Donna Cooley Long via Pinterest

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