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So… the bad news is that I’m not ready to show you designs for Casa Montagna Verde this week. (And by the way, each time I write the name of this house it becomes more real in my mind, which is scary since it’s not even a slight possibility!)

But the good news is that I’ve created an inspiration/mood board to whet your appetite.


You should see some consistent themes running through here… 60’s design, rustic Italian life, washed out palette, the Piedmont countryside, italian movie denizens… I want to the design to capture the juxtaposition of the slow, simple Italian countryside life with the glamour and excitement of Italian 60’s movies and design.

Also, recently Brian and I went to the New York City Ballet to see “The Most Beautiful Thing” composed by Aaron Dessner from The National.  While the ballet itself was really gorgeous, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the theatre and it definitely inspired aspects of my design direction for mi Casa.


Ha, that last picture was taken while consuming a ridiculously overpriced glass of champagne.

As I’m designing Casa Montagna Verde, I’m 1. leaning heavily on the architecture and the material choices (walls/tone) to set the tone and 2. sourcing primarily Italian furniture and accessories (old world, 60’s, and current.) If/when we actually design a home in Italy, we’d have to rely on what I could find there. Though, of course, what I can find online is a fraction of the options I’d have if I were scouring the antique markets of Italy (oh, what joy that would be!) 

I’m super excited about my color palette and material choices. Here’s a sneak preview:


My idea for the palette is essentially the sunsetting on a cloud/moody day. Or perhaps what a sunset view from Casa Montagna Verde looks like?

Are you getting excited? Next week, I promise…

Inspiration images Lucienne Day Textile | Nazaret Console TableLa Notte | Claudia Cardinale | Gio Ponti Suspiria | Gina Lollobrigida | Giosetta FioroniClaudia Cardinale and Federico Fellini Monforte d’Alba |

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