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Last weekend I took part in the best surprise ever. Two friends from high school and I conspired with another friend’s husband to surprise her with a weekend visit. None of us had been to Houston yet to visit so we cooked this idea up at Christmas.

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There is something to be said for old friends!
While lounging by the pool one day I was telling my friends about my Casa Montagne Verde designs and we got on the subject of dream homes… And then we got on the subject of my designing dream homes for each friends.

I know your thinking but Erin, you promised us the Casa! And I will deliver, that house is so well defined in my mind it’s just a matter of getting things down on paper. After that, well, I can’t wait to develop floor plans and room designs for my friends dream houses. Here’s a synopsis of how each of these dream homes should feel.


Within just a few hours of talking to my friends about their dream homes, I started to narrowing in on their styles.

JK’s dream home is your not so basic Hamptons shingle house. It has style and elegance (and makes a huge statement) but is comfortable for family living.

JC’s dream house is a classic farmstead. She talked about the importance of ‘play’ in her home – I thnk we can have some fun with that concept.
B+S are perhaps the biggest challenge and I have a suspicion it’ll be the most fun direction to crack. First partners weighed in whereas the other two are just the POV of one partner. Second they have the most opposite styles. I’m thinking the marriage that suits their marriage is some kind of French chateau meets a beachhouse. I think it’ll come together.

Another thing that’s fun about this assignment is that I get to work outside my style and tendencies. No whiffs of modern in any of these directions. Can she do it? Stay tuned!

JK’s inspiration | JC’s inspiration | B+S’s inspiration

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