casa montagna verde kitchen

We’re here again (let’s pretend) in the Piedmont region of Italy where I’m taking you on a tour of my fully designed Italian vacation home, dubbed Casa Montagna Verde. Onto the kitchen!


Imaginary kitchens are way harder to design that real ones. But I have known what I wanted for this space since the beginning, so it’s best just to sketch things out for you.  Kitchen

So what do we have going on here?

Walls, Floors and Pendants – The same as the living and dining rooms, for continuity sake and because, it’s basically one large room.

Cabinets – The cabinetry would be along the wall that has a big picture window out towards the entry drive. Symmetrical, on either side of the window you’d see a large vertical one door cabinet, a lower cabinet (no uppers) section with a countertop that runs from one side to the next (intersecting the window.) The cabinets would be a simple, white wood. I almost want them to look a little rustic, but that was difficult to show here. No hardware, just white and clean, with flat fronts.

Countertop – The countertops would be a stone, maybe a travertine to coordinate with the dining table, but more likely just a plain white stone with no veining. Again, it would connect the counters on either side of the picture window and run across the window to create a bar.

Bar Stools – Two barstools would tuck underneath the picture window counter and would be perfect for morning espressos or chatting with the cook. I choose a Z shaped lucite to keep it low profile and to torture Brian  -because you know how he loves lucite.

Appliances – The idea is that everything would be hidden or blend in. The oven would be in the single door cabinet on the left, fridge on the right. The stove top would be laid into the counter to the right of the window. A few years ago I attended a home design show and one of the kitchen vendors was showing a new product where the technology for the stove was fit under the countertop and when you laid the conductor plate onto the cabinet, it would turn on the heat. Essentially the countertop itself is the stovetop – I want that.

Island – The piece de resistance is a huge brass island. I love it for this space paired with the rustic beams and wood. And because it fits my era and vision for this apartment but isn’t overly complex. Most likely the top would be brass or maybe an inlaid stone to match the countertop.

Sconces – Just a touch of black, as you saw in the living room as well. These were found on 1st Dibs and are in the Stilnovo style.

Artwork – I love the idea of bringing in a rustic still life (in opposition to the modern one at the other end of the room) and the Tuscan portrait to balance out the bold, contemporary feel of the space. I think the black  in the pictures also helps it to balance out the space.

Note that there’s also another exterior door to the balcony which would be a sheet of glass framed in black metal (matching the style of the arched doors in the living room.)

Here’s an uncluttered look at the design.



What do you think? Sold on the brass?

And… bonus. Here’s a look at how the rooms flow all together. I love how even it all feels. I think it’s working very well. Can’t wait to show you what I have in mind for the rest of the spaces.


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