casa montagna verde entry lounge

Another day, another room in my imaginary Italian vacation home, Casa Montagna Verde. This week it’s the room I’m calling the Entry Lounge. That’s a fancy way of describing the room that is connected to the main living spaces and serves as the transition room between the front entry and the modern glass addition.


Glass panels separate the entry lounge from the living room. The panels could be completely pushed back to keep the room open, in which case it would be the entry or an additional living space. When the panels are closed off it could be a study or even an overflow sleeping space.

My favorite feature in the room is the daybed that runs along the entire back wall. It would be flanked by bookcases facing into the daybed and made from italian wood panels. The panels would hide an additional trundle bed. And well, I should just show you.


This is actually Option 1 of 2. Here’s the breakdown:

Walls and Floors – The textured white/cream walls would match the rest of the main level. As does the wood floors.

Bookcases and Daybed – I love the idea of using antique, carved wood panelling to create the custom daybed along the wall. The bed would be topped with a boxed, tufted cushion.

Pendant – The 1950’s Italian cubic pendant was possibly the first piece I picked out for this room. It’s just so cool.

Sconces – Since there’s a lot going on here, the wall sconces are simple and white.

Wall Art – I think a single, huge Richard Silver photograph of an Italian interior makes such a statement.

Cocktail Tables and Seating – The cocktail tables and seating placed around the daybed make the room ideal for a game of cards and limoncello or just lounging in general. The Angelo Mangiarotti marble end tables are so sleek. I wanted the chairs and stools around it to be an eclectic mix, as such, I chose this cute, striped industrial chair,  a hand-painted velvet stool, a traditional dusty rose stool (similar to this one), and this crazy unexpected Marco Marcon prototype stool.

Rug – At the base is a gorgeous, faded, pale Turkish rug to tie everything together.

Option 2 is pretty close to the original, I just switched out the cocktail tables and created a gallery wall instead of featuring one large art piece. Entry_Daybed_OptionC

Wall Art – In addition to the cathedral art from above, I added a mix of pieces all by Italian designers: the requisite nude drawing by Jara Marzulli, a holographic piece by Nicoletta Freti,  an interesting vintage piece from Belbello Antiques in Turin, and an abstract nod to NY by Enrico de Campo.

New Cocktail Tables – I think in the end, I prefer the second design option. I sort of surprised myself with how much I love these Murano glass tables.

Of course, this is only one wall. There are a few other pieces in the room.


Sconces – In addition to the two above the daybed, the same sconces would be by both doors.

Entry Door – The door would be the same or similar to the exterior door that leads into the dining room.

Wall Mirror – Though it looks simple, this grey moulded frame mirror lights up! It would be beside the door to the modern addition.

Stone Ottoman – Sitting just beside glass panels would be white version of these crazy, stone ottomans. Easy to move around into the living room or closer to the daybed, they are so fun!

Chest  with Art above – This gold leaf and white lacquered dresser would sit on the wall beside the entry door for bed linens and such. And above it would be this abstract landscape by Marilina Marchica.

The color palette is consistent with the rest of the floor, though I wanted this room to have a more classical Italian vibe, almost like a cocktail lounge. And, while the daybed is layered and has a lot going on with both modern and traditional elements, the first thing you’d see walking in would be the stone ottoman and the open space into the modern, glass addition.

Here’s how it looks in context with the rest of the rooms I’ve designed in this incredible home, which only exists in my imagination.


Hoping I can get another room completed next week. Let me know what you think so far!

Images linked above. 

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