unnecessary necessity #3 the day dress

My goal for my honeymoon wardrobe was to channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. My, isn’t she the cutest?


The button-down (with rolled sleeves) plus midi-skirt and flats look works well on the silver screen, but I can never keep my shirt tucked in neatly. So instead I looked for what can only be described as the day dress: an easy, button-down-like, fit and flare dress that looks both lady-like and adorable all at the same time.


On the left is the exact San Fernando dress by Nanette Lepore that I bought for my trip. On the right is a Cynthia Steffe shirtdress (available now at Macy’s) which is similar to the dress I bought in ’12 by the same designer.

Both are perfect for strolling around cobblestone streets, gelato in hand, stopping for an espresso or a glass of wine on every corner, and eating one’s weight in pasta.

Side note: I took honeymoon wardrobe planning seriously and had a number of looks that I loved. Of course, we took only a few pictures, most of which came out blurry, but indulge me for a moment!

Such is the case when you’re living la dolce vita.


PS. I’m actually freaking out at this very moment because I took my black Cynthia Steffe dress to Houston and I’m afraid I inadvertently sent it to the laundromat – Eek!

Cynthia Steffe shirtdress image  via EatSleepWear

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