metrolina flea market

 It’s common family lore that my grandmother had a terrific eye and was a very successful haggler. This is further evidenced by the incredible antiques that originated from her frequent trips to our local flea market.

My mom and I have often shopped that same market when I visit. I was so sad to hear that the Flea is closing due to the land being sold. I booked tickets for Mabel and I to travel down to NC to attend the final Metrolina Flea Market last weekend.

Rather than just showing you what I found, thought I’d share what goes through my mind as I shop a Flea Market.

ArtworkFleaLater this week I’ll share the stuff that I actually bought!

Bentwood 1 | Bentwood 2 | Bentwood 3| Bentwood 4| Bentwood 5 | Bentwood 6 | Bentwood 7 | Bailey McCarthy Sheep | Bailey McCarthy Painting |  Longhorn 1 | Longhorn 2 | Longhorn 3 | Lauren Liess Living Room | Console Table | Lost Foot | Oversized Lantern | Galvanized Metal Vase 1, 2, 3 | Restoration Hardware Trunk | Shield on Wall | Worktable Island | One Room Challenge 80’s Playroom | Hotel Delmano Sea Painting | Ladder Inspiration | Bench in Hall | Bench Under Stairs | Ornate Mirror | Furber Prints

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