mabel’s third birthday


Today is Mabel’s third birthday and I just… I just LIKE HER SO MUCH.

She has boundless energy, is caring, loves to sing and dance, and is usually described as a sweetheart.

Mabel is known as the “artist in residence” at school and the older kids consult her on puzzles. Her favorite food is quesadillas and she inherited my sweet tooth, for sure.

Every day walking home from school we play “Red Light, Green Light” – it’s how city parents keep city kids from running into the streets. She looks back with a sly smile after she freezes, waiting for the signal to go again.

Mabes has been taking ballet and gymnastics this spring. We’ll start soccer soon. She loves Daniel Tiger and Doc MacStuffins – it’s good having a “Doc MacMabel” around when we’re not feeling well.

Mabel describes herself most often as strong (like “carry the Fed Ex packages upstairs” strong) and brave (like “touching the tail of a dog that she’s scared of” brave.)


I feel like we’re doing something right. Happy Birthday Mabes!

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