early summer apartment update

It’s been a while since we talked about the goings on in my apartment so here’s a quick update:


Our first priority is to construct a glass wall in our living room to create a separate study/guest room. We met with a recommended contractor who quickly told us that it would be better to go to a glass installation company directly, as a contractor’s team would not be licensed or experienced to handle the glass. When he left I said something along the lines of “Bummer that he can’t help” to which Mabel replied “Maybe we should ask Carlos (our super Super) to do it?” Brian and I were amused that Mabel already knows when to call Carlos. However, this is a job best left to the glass  experts  and fortunately, the contractor left the name of a glass installation company before leaving…

The glass installation company came by a few weeks ago but we’re waiting on an estimate. In the meantime, we need to get over to the  The Sliding Door Company to generate a second bid. At this rate, it’ll be crucial that we make a decision by mid July to get this completed by end of summer.


If you remember, almost every room in our apartment was painted a few months back, EXCEPT Mabel’s room. I’m having her bedroom wallpapered with a ticking stripe (above left). And then we have a fun, bright blue border for the molding and doors.

I considered a number of wallpapers and in the end went with Patton Wallcoverings ticking stripe because the price was good, the stripes aren’t too closer together, and the background is closer to white than beige. I think it’ll look great and I shopped around to find a very palatable price for the 12 rolls needed.

Now, I’m working to get quotes from a few wallpaper installation specialists…


In July, my brother will be U-hauling it up to NY to officially move into their apartment here. And with him, he’ll bring all my treasures that my mom has been graciously enjoying, er storing. In the meantime, I’m finalizing my shopping list for the additional items to round out our little balcony. The space is small but with the right placement we’ll have seating for two and a lovely little garden zone.


Speaking of gardens, my herbs are doing well, my olive tree is flourishing, and I keep picking up new colorful plants (to go in trellis planter.) Not shown is my very sad hydrangea. Last year’s hydrangea bit the dust in the fall. I bought a new one in April that I’m told was hit hard by a late spring frost and will not grow at all this year. So.. I bought a shiny, blooming new hydrangea which will deliver on Tues. Given the size of our outdoor space I just can’t wait until next year for the sad hydrangea to get happy.

I’m so busy at work and the weekends just aren’t long enough so everything’s moving v e r y  s l o w l y. But, baby steps… seeing this little bit of progress helps keep my morale up. 🙂

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