casa montagna verde glass addition

Annnnd, it’s back! I’m still making my way through my imaginary dream vacation home in northern Italy. Today let’s get into the modern glass addition that I’d add to this rural, stone structure.

Upstairs Modern Hallway

The idea here is that the entry lounge in the stone house would be almost a portal to a modern glass addition that connects the first and lower floors.

The addition adds a closet, 1/2 bath and a laundry room to the top floor. The blue walls in the floorplan above represent the walls made of glass. This addition also creates a space for a rooftop terrace that would connect to the existing balcony.

Here are some inspiration views of the upstairs addition and stairs.


Are you starting to get a feel for this? Let’s get into the details of this space:


Here’s the breakdown of elements for the first floor space (not inclusive of the bathroom, closet or laundry room):

Glass walls and Ceiling: The wall with french doors to the terrace, the staircase and wet bar wall and then ceiling above that area all are made of glass.  The staircase railing would also be glass (as in the inspiration pics above.)

Terrazzo Floors: Moving into this space, we switch from hardwoods (in the main floor) to terrazzo stone which is also carried through down the stairs.

Carved Wood Doors: Consistent with the rest of the main floor

Center table: Given the view out of the glass walls are green and lush forests, it seems appropriate to have a raw edge table in here anchoring the room.

Chandelier: Over the center table would be a dramatic, Murano glass spiral chandelier.

Wet Bar: Right beside the staircase is a painted Italian cabinet that would be converted to a wet bar. A small stone sink would sit atop.

Wall Sconces: On the wall with doors leading to the 1/2 bath, closet and laundry room would be a series of sconces.

Stair Sconces: And perhaps my favorite part of this space is that (somehow) these crazy wall lights would be embedded into the glass staircase wall. So in the evening, with the lights on it would look like floating lights in space. Aaah, I can totally see it!!!

To recap, here’s how this works with the rest of the house.


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