final lobby planters

A few weeks back I shared my recommendations to our Board for our new lobby plants. Back today to share the final product – Ta Da!


The board preferred the lilly option and our local florist delivered. The planters we had don’t have drainage holes, so they built a reservoir at the bottom and then filled the planter with soil and a moss cover. They used an assortment of lilly plant sizes.¬†We’ve gotten lots of compliments on it.

If only I could convince the Board to re-do the entire lobby. I think there’s some potential in the floors but the cream walls and 80’s wallpaper has to go. The hallways are also painted a dull yellow and it just brings down the whole building, even though it’s freshly painted.

Mark my words, by the time we leave this apartment (which may be another 30 years), I’ll have my way in the public spaces!

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