casa montagna verde lower hallways

We’re continuing the walk down the glass and stone staircase of Casa Montagna Verde,to one of my favorite spaces: the lower hallways. First, let me orient you to the space.


Today, I’m going to cover the design of the stairwell hallway which includes an extra full bath and connects to the outdoor space and the lower floor of the stone building. Additionally, we’ll talk about the interior hallway that leads to the bedrooms and is one side stone (built into the mountain.)

Here are the details of the lower hallway:

Lower Hallway Design

Glass Railings and Wall/Ceiling: The staircase has the glass wall all the way downstairs and the railing downstairs would be glass as well.

Walls: Same as upstairs, they’d be the textured plaster.

Floors: The same terrazzo floors would be carried through the lower hallway.

Artwork: Above the console I wanted a real statement piece, this mirror tryptich is the dream but even in an imaginary home, I can swallow a $24k piece of art. Instead, I love this bird’s eye view of UNESCO Heritage site of Shark Bay by Brooke Holm – the colors are perfection.

Sconce and Pendant: The brass perforated sconces would be placed beside the doorways and 2-3 of the IC pendant lights would hang down the hallway.

Door: The door to the bathroom would be the same carved wood as upstairs (sense a theme?)

Console: This iron and glass console is perfect to keeping the hallway light and bright.

Carved Bench: I can’t recall where I found this, but I wanted a rustic carved wood bench to sit in the hallway to be an extra place to throw things on (like pool towels.) Also, not pictured are the floor to ceiling cabinets that line the hall from the glass exterior doors to the bathroom. They would match the cabinetry in the kitchen upstairs.

Stone Pot: I’m obsessed with the roundness of this pot – this room needs some greenery.

And then there’s the hallway to the bedrooms. Here comes the spark of inspiration from my subway transfer one morning:


How about those LED lights in a honeycomb pattern on the ceiling? I believe they even change colors. Seeing these I thought, what if the long dark interior hallway had a line LED light line drawing on one wall? Here’s some additional inspiration along with a sketch of the light design I envisioned:


Guys, it’s a variation of my Casa Montagne Verde logo drawing! Everything’s coming full circle.

The other elements of the interior hallway are a continuation of elements from the house:


Plaster Walls: I’d continue the textured plaster walls but would paint them a darker grey. Overall, I want this space to be a little dark to contrast with the light and airy bedrooms. I want it to almost feel like cold, stone walls.

Floors: Since we’re shifting back into the stone building, I decided to shift back to the wood fllors.

Doors: Same as always, the carved wood doors. I like the idea that these would feel connected to the architecture of the house.

Sconces: And I’d carry through those brass sconces in this space. The brass would pop off the dark grey.

And, per usual, here’s the addition of these spaces to my whole house compilation.



While we’ve made some progress this week,  we still have the bathrooms, bedrooms, exterior spaces to go. Will this ever end?! I sort of hope not…

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