mid-century mountain floorplan

Last week I introduced you to the poorly decorated mid-century mountain weekend home that we stayed in over the 4th. Today’s let’s chat about my ideas for improving the property and space, which totally consumed my headspace for the entire weekend.

Here’s a look at the floorplan as it is currently:


Not a bad start…  The living, dining, sunroom, kitchen flow is sort of nice. I’m convinced that the original house had a third bedroom, perhaps where the current kitchen breakfast area is?

Here are the problem zones I identified both indoors and out, followed by a rough mark-up with pictures:

  • There’s a huge patch of land just north of the stone wall which is completely under-utilized.
  • The patio needs to be developed.
  • The “3rd bedroom” is really more of a mudroom.
  • The laundry is in the dining room and the path to the patio door is badly configured.
  • There’s an extra door on the main bath.
  • And most  importantly, the house needs a master bedroom!ProblemZones

Aside from the addition of a master suite and developing the upper property, improvements could be made without a terrible amount of construction.

Here’s what I’d do to improve things around the mid-century mountain house.

  • Develop and landscape the front entry and drive
  • Add a garage to the left side of the house
  • Make the 3rd bedroom more of a mudroom by adding some built-in coat/shoe storage. Also, change out the flooring so it feels more like a real room  so it can double as a flex space (the windows in there are dreamy!)
  • Re-work the mudroom, laundry room and back door area so its more open.
  • Remove the second bathroom door
  • Flip the position of the entry closet so it’s a bedroom closet
  • Bust through the hallway to add a new master addition with a huge closet and bathroom, Add a new closet for the bedroom.
  • Finish the patio by adding a fire pit and dining area, potentially extend the patio to connect to the master sliding doors
  • Add a pool and pool/guest house to the top of the property.

If you’re more visual, like I am…


The upper lot actually got me the most excited. It’s almost like the land was already razed and begging for a pool and a mid-century mountain pool house. I could do a whole other  blog post on my ideas for that!

I think I mentioned before, this house is for sale. It’s on the market for $289k, which seems a little high, except for the fact that the lot is 5 acres. If I were buying my primary home in Cornwall, CT this would definitely be in my consideration set.

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