mid-century mountain redesign

As mentioned Monday, we rented a mid-century modern ranch style house up in the northwestern CT for the long weekend. I made the booking only a few weeks ago so there weren’t a lot of options left. The rental we looked pretty sparsely decorated from the photos. I hoped it would be better in person – alas, it was not.

The owners are selling the house and it looked like they furnished the rental with whatever they had in their basement. It was so disappointing because the house and property are just bursting with potential.

For instance, here’s what the exterior, the breakfast area and the sunroom looked like.


This is where we spent most of our time letting the kids roam around the kitchen and playing Catan at the dining table. Great light and very spacious.

However, that empty side would the kitchen would make a cute little breakfast area, freeing the sunroom up to become another gathering, relaxation or family zone.

Taking a cue from the mid-century modern style and using an earthy red and orange nature-inspired color palette, here’s how I might decorate these rooms.

mid century mountain

Ah, so much better. It would have been so nice to be able to read in the sunroom on one of those chaise lounges, with a view straight out to that stone barrier in the yard. And in the kitchen we’d be way more comfortable playing Catan at that tulip table, with wine and cocktails on the bar cart nearly.

And… to show the owner that decorating doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive… no item is over $400. It’s a mid-century modern steal!

Sconces $196 x 2 | Console $379 | Baskets (for throw blankets!) $12.99 x 2 | Chaise Lounges  $350 x 2| Pillows $39.99 x 2 | Side Tables $130 x 2 | Rug $399 | TV Floating Cabinet $300

Dining Bench $179.99 | Tulip Table $179.99 | Rattan Chairs $202.94 | Artwork $354 | Sconce $225 | Rug $210.20 | Mirror $199 | Bar Cart $129.99

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