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The quest to build a wall in our living room continues. (Unlike certain politicos ours isn’t designed to keep things out.) We’re planning to build a wall of glass doors to bring the light in from our big picture window but to be a totally soundproof place for Brian to work on his music and also be a private space for guests.

The glass manufacturing company, ABC Shower Doors, that we met with back in May and who promised a bid within a few weeks… just literally stopped responding to me. Perhaps they couldn’t achieve what I’m looking for? Oh well. Their thousands of dollars loss.


Next, we went to The Sliding Door Company showroom for a consultation. The reality is that they have great options for temporary walls, but not a lot to address our soundproofing needs. They don’t have double-paned door products and the sound proofing they could do will have minimal impact. It’s a nicely styled and a less expensive option, but it probably isn’t going to work for us.


Our latest conversation has been with Pella. We had a lovely but somewhat old school sales guy come by for a consultation. He gave us the hard sell and apparently, my requests threw him for a loop. That aside, we came up with a solution that even I am happy with:


We can install the Pella 350 Vinyl sliding door series in 4 floor to ceiling 3′ triple paned panels. When open, the entry to the study will be six feet. We decided to forgo the door handles to make the walls look less patio door-like. The frames would be white with no grille. Though the mark-up looks simple it’s been quite challenging to find a non-custom solution to make this wall happen.

At this point, the outstanding questions are:

  1. Do we want to recess the floor track into our hardwoods? On one hand, this makes the wall a more permanent change. On the other hand, if it isn’t recessed, will the floor tracks disrupt the flow of the rooms?
  2. Is the product quality really good? We’ve solicited feedback from our community and also we’re planning to stop by a showroom next weekend to view it in person.
  3. And do we feel good about using Pella as a partner? I’ve seen mixed reviews online about their customer service and warranty program.

My heart says we should potentially speak to a few more vendors but my capacity to have another conversation about this is diminishing by the minute…

Second image via The Sliding Door Company | Third image via Pella 

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