Pied a Terre

A crazy thing happened a few months ago. My parents put an offer on a pied a terre around the corner from us in Brooklyn! As it turns out, they are looking for some adventure and will begin splitting their golden years between NC and NY. Mabes is super excited to have Gigi and Dubby in town more often. Meanwhile, my mom and I are having the time of our lives plotting out the design of their second home.

Let’s start with a little tour, shall we:


The flow of the space is amazing – it’s a newly renovated 1 bedroom with a generous living room and a good number of closets (for NY anyways!) Really, the only downside is the current paint color. There’s such a fine line between cream, beige and yellow…

Here’s what I put together to guide us towards the light and airy, traditional but comfortable look my mom is hoping to achieve.


Mom is bringing up some of her classic American or English antiques from NC. So we want to balance out those elements. Most of the seating she’s already recovered with those textured cream fabrics in the bottom left.I’m crazy about that Louise Gray quilt over the couch, but my mom’s nixed it!  The design has evolved considerably since.

First, we found the cream patchwork rug above at the ABC Carpet and Home Warehouse final sale  and we’re all crazy about it! My parents are also leaning towards the new Henry sectional from West Elm. The jury’s also still out on the media console and Mom’s thinking shades rather than curtains. However, this is all right directionally –  it’s going to be gorgeous!

Then there’s the bedroom. My mom had the idea to put a metal console behind her bed as the headboard. We’re going to put two together and one side will extend out to make a little desk. I LOVE the scheme I put together for the bedroom, though it’s still work in progress.


Above the bed we’ll mount Mom’s old, wood plate rack which we’ll fill with white frames showcasing Mabel’s artwork and some family photography (printed black and white.) My parents are going to forgo one large rug for runners on either side. We also need to figure out clothes storage and the seating area.  And pick out artwork for over the desk, and the desk chair. So many decisions!

Stay tuned for the final once they close and move in, in hopefully a few weeks. Fingers crossed!

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