I snapped the Instagram above on our visit to the SC Aquarium yesterday and quickly realized that some see fish, I see entire room designs…


The tank is putting off a blue shade, but in actuality that fish was a glowing white. In my room design I layered white and cream elements, many of which have a similar shine to them.


We sat through a 30 minute diving presentation with that eel in the bottom corner of the tank. All I could think about was I hope I can get a close picture before it moves. It’s skin was a perfect mossy green, which inspired a dark, luxe loungey space.


Finally, that crazy purple and orange lobster. He reminded me of the Pink Rug Co. Caribbean Sunset rug that I posted earlier in the week, which became the starting place to this colorful modern room.

White Fish = Couch | Chandelier | Rug | Side Table | Art |  Floor Lamp | Lampshade | Screen | Green Eel = Wallpaper | Floor Tile | Green Chaise | Sconces | Art | Console | Floor Lamp | Side Table | Vase | Red and Orange Lobster = Wallpaper | Artwork |  Dining Bench |  Purple Chairs | Grapevine Table | Rug 


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