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Just a quick update on the status of the projects around here…

  • We just haven’t had time to get out to Long Island to look at our the Pella system we’re interested in, which we feel is important to do before making that investment. Sigh. So much for the end of summer, self-imposed deadline.
  • Right after I sold Brian on the idea of using IKEA white cabinets to create a floating console… I went to the ABC carpet and home sale and bought a sleek black metal console. The slim frame is perfect for the space, I love that the bottom is open to keep the area airy. However, it’s making me rethink this space a little. With the grey National poster and all the black metal, my patterned chairs look very out of balance. I also want to look at some different styling for this piece.
  •  Exciting change in Mabel’s! We finally got the wallpaper up and it’s exactly as I imagined! The pic above is a progress shot. Next up is to replace the heavy black silk curtains with relaxed roman shades.
  • Speaking of shades, creating the shades for the bedroom, is accelerating my interest in having ALL the window shades in our apartment finished. I’m looking for a white or cream linen. Are you having a “Devil Wears Prada” moment?
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