bennett school for girls

Over Labor Day we went up to Germantown for a few days to stay on a farm (which I high recommend if you are in the NY area.) On the drive up, out of nowhere, this is what we saw on our right.


Can you imagine? My natural response was “I need to know about this place right NOW.” Here’s what I found out:

It was originally built as a Halycon Hall, a luxury hotel that stayed open only ten years. The property was bought by the Bennett School for Girls, primarily serving the daughters of wealthy families. It became a junior college, then an attempt to transition to a four year college in the 70’s left the property bankrupt. Redevelopment never occurred and it fell into its current state. The property is now owned by the Millbrook Tribute Garden foundation who will carefully demolish the property and turn it into a garden.

It’s such a shame to tear down this relic, however I can get behind a public garden and the promise of preserving the stone foundation. If you’re interested, more pictures and history here, images of the interior here, ghost stories here, and a good use of a drone (to explore the property) here.



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