our living room

As a reminder, here’s what our living room looked like before we moved in.



And here’s basically the same view now.


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the room is a spacious 28″ x 12″. We’ve divided it up into a living area near the doorway and a study/guest space closer to the window. Eventually, we’ll add a retractable glass wall between the spaces, more on plans for that later.

Things I love about this room:



The mid century mix in all the right places: the Danish chair (bought at a now closed Soho antique store when $300 for a chair seemed sacrilegious) and the T.V. console (bought from Circa 60, high recommended for mid century furniture if you’re in the NY area.) The console is very narrow and this low profile piece has served me very well in my small apartments.


The gallery wall came together so easily, it was meant to be. We put it up the way I do… nail and hammer to wall, lots of standing back and evaluating, hang. It’s not precise, but we still need to paint so we’ll be doing this again.

I bought the sofa from Jayson Home (a floor sale a few years ago.) The cream ottoman is from Overstock. Yes, it’s cream and I have a two year old. Yes, it has stains all over it. Yes, it’s incredibly impractical from a color perspective. But the shape is perfect, the plushness is just right for toddler back flips off the side, and if we have to deep clean or replace it someday… it’s fine, I love it, it’s beautiful, it works.  The Moroccan tray is a recent a birthday gift from my husband (purchased at Green Antiques in Saugerties.)

So, what’s the plan for this room? Well, let’s start with how I want it to feel… clean, light, elegant, layered, traditional but modern, sophisticated but approachable, and really really easy-going. If this room were a celebrity it would be somewhere between Reese Witherspoon (southern hospitality and friendliness) and Cate Blanchett (unparalleled style and crisp regality.)

LRToDosali cayne’s kitchen, layered rug image by Lucas Studio , Big Ass Fan Haiku, G Squared Artemis, Fanimation Black 54″

Some additional notes:

I’m terrified of an all white room. I think I’ve only painted a room white once in over ten years of living on my own. But this room gets so much amazing light, I simply can’t imagine another color that could do the space justice. And lest you think it’s already white… it’s actually one of those awful yellow/whites that looks dull and dirty.

I love how our gallery wall looks like now, so I’m in no hurry on this one. But it could use a little more modern art. The color scheme of the room is essentially light blues, greys and greens, which extends to the gallery wall so I’ll stay on the lookout for modern art in those colors to mix in here.

Uh, the fans are the sticking point because I want the new fan in place before we paint. However, what to choose! It seems criminal to pay $500 for a fan but I hate most fans, love the Artemis, and bonus, it has the light, which is a mandatory according to Brian.

Finally, the stool and buffet lamp are both older and starting to fall apart. I think I could find something more special to replace each of these that would add some oomph to the room.

So… what do you think? Like my ideas? Think there’s more to do? Suggestions? Products I should look into? I’m all ears!

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