by the fireplace

Fireplaces are tricky to decorate around. Placing chairs on either side looks lovely but it’s not great for keeping warm. And chairs directly in front of a fireplace blocks the view for the rest of the room.

I’ve always loved the idea of putting an old bench or daybed in front of a fireplace – it keeps the view of the fireplace open and creates the best seat in the house.

FIREPLACEPeak of ChicMartha Stewart, Bijou and Boheme Zsa Zsa Bellagio, DesignSponge

But this summer I found, what I believe, is even better: it’s the all-time, perfect, “in front of the fireplace” solution:

TheCobblerBenchImage taken at Hammertown in Rhinebeck, Beekman1802’s Cobbler Bench

Petite, keeps the sight lines to the fire open, is good for small spaces, a respectable height, and it’s leggy so it feels light. I like that you can sort of “perch” upon it to warm up.

I presented the Cobbler Bench to my husband with much excitement. “I found it! This is exactly what I need…if only I had a fireplace…”


Image of Old Edwards Inn via Hostess with the Mostess

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