Approximately ten years I traveled to Austin to attend the Austin City Limits Festival. I ate queso for breakfast, saw all my favorite bands of the mid 2000’s (including my beloved The National), suffered happily in the hot, hot Texas heat, and, shamefully, made out with a cute boy in the back of my rental car.


Thanks to Spotify‘s recruitment referral program, Brian got two tickets to any concert in the U.S., flight and one night’s hotel stay included. Since we hardly ever see shows anymore we decided to make a vacation of it and bought 3-day passes for Austin City Limits.

I’m totally out of the loop on new music and am now, frantically, trying to get caught up on the bands that will be playing. We started a playlist of bands we’re hoping to see. Here’s the link, if you’re interested and below are the bands I’m most looking forward to:


Walk the Moon, Daughter, Hozier, Lord Huron

Actually, I realized putting this list together that I’ve known at least one song from each of these bands for a while. I’m especially excited to see Daughter, their song “Youth” gives me chills it’s so beautiful.


images via Rolling Stone and A.V. Club

I’m curious to attend the festival now that I’m on the other side of 30 and of parenthood. It’s cliche, but I have no interest in standing uncomfortably for hours, suffering in the heat, or waiting in long lines.

However, I do still plan to make out with a cute boy.

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