hallway addendum

In my new job I’ve discovered that I’m not your textbook “perfectionist.” I seem to strive more for comprehensiveness. Let no stone go unturned, as it were. I like to think of everything that can be thought of and to be right in my recommendation the first time. It can be a bit of a problem in today’s modern, collaborative environment where we problem solve collectively and ideas are meant to continually evolve. As it turns out, I don’t always have to think of everything!

While on the plane to Austin, I came across this image that made my heart skip a beat.


Holy hallway linen closet inspiration! The only problem? I just wrote up my plan for the hallway last week – this means I didn’t capture all the ideas that could ever be!

You see, my perfectionism haunts me at work and at play. So, in the spirit of “it doesn’t have to be completely comprehensive and absolutely perfect the first time”… my hallway addendum:


What if I revamped the front of the linen closet: imagine mirrors on the doors, drawers on the bottom. Side note, though this picture doesn’t look it, the paint color is Super White, which is, indeed, SUPER white. I’m now wondering if I should repaint all my trim a creamier white, which looks fantastic in the inspiration photo.

Oy – this is how things never get done!

Inspiration image via Shelter, Cabinet knobs in mark-up from Etsy A Rose Rambling, Drawer pulls from Rocky Mountain Hardware

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