unnecessary necessity #1: candles

I don’t know if it’s the smell or the ambiance (both?), but I’m super into candles right now. Below are the favorites I use in my apartment and the ones on my list to bring the aroma of autumn indoors.  And, of course, it’s as much as about the candle packaging design as anything else.


Izola Rosemary, Diptyque Baies, Cire Trudon Madeleine

Side note: Candle description writers are incredible. I guess it’s their job to make these candles sound ridiculously amazing, but I commend them! Can you guess which description below goes with these candles?

a.”Evoking wood paneled walls, soft leather armchairs, a fire burning in the grate and the heady scent of cigars; this is a warming and comforting scent.”

b. “Galloping from Versailles to Marseille, its’ audacious spirit trails in the wind.”

c. “…it makes me think of thick cream fur rugs, open fire places and the crackle of logs burning.”

d. “Sweeping and adventurous.”


Haus Interior Mountain Haus, Woodlot Flora, M Botanicals Tobacco, Penhaligon’s Madura Leaf

Answers: a. Madura Leaf,  b. Madeleine, c. Tobacco, d. Mountain Haus

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