our study/guest room

I suppose the thing about our study/guest room is that it’s not actually a room… yet. Here’s what the space looked like when we moved in. The study/guest room begins approximately where you see the wall with the door to the terrace.

Here’s how the space looks currently. 


There are some extremely good things happening here that will stay in the room, namely: the Bloom desk handmade and delivered by the guys at StorNewYork; the metal cabinet I bought at the Brooklyn Flea, painted red and recently stripped down to its original metal; the fire extinguisher lamp I bought off a SF-based Craigslist ad for $100 (these go for at least $200 now!), and it’s difficult to see but the picture over the bed is a limited edition gig poster for The National (my favorite band!) that I received for free and then spent a small fortune custom framing.

One would think having a bed in one’s living room would be crazy, but we’re enjoying it for the short term. As a family, we’ll horse around on it. And our guests find it handy for mid-party relaxing and placing important Facetime calls.


Ultimately, this room will serve two main purposes: it will be a mini-recording studio for Brian (so we need a place for guitars and equipment) and a private/sleeping space for our guests. But it will also be used in other ways. When we have parties, we’ll want this to be an additional gathering or overflow area. And when Mabel’s older, I see this being a hang-out room where she can lounge and watch TV or study. Additionally, the windows in here are one of the best features in the apartment, so we need to divide the space, without obstructing that view.

The design of this room is based on this one, single image.DesignInspiration

Bam, it’s not overly complex but it moves me. The colors, the textures, everything. It feels classic but still unexpected. I’m not sure how exactly I’ll pull it off, but I’m beginning to see how to apply the elements that I love from this space in our study/guest room design.


Can you envision it? Putting this together has really brought this room to life for me. I feel like it’s a little intense, in a really interesting and good way.

One additional point on the wall, I want it to completely fold back either entirely or mostly. The study/guest room should feel like a continuation of our living space, to some extent, when the doors are open. But then be a cocoon for guests or Brian when they are sleeping or working, respectively.

Clearly, all this comes with a hefty price tag so we will be chipping away at this one for a while. But it’ll be miraculous when it’s done… in more ways than one.

product and image sources on my Pinterest boards. Glass wall, upholstered wall, window shades, privacy curtain, hooks/rack in Study/Guest Room inspiration. Rugs here, Chairs here and here, Flushmount lights here, Sconces here. But feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll dig up a source for you.

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