a more efficient sink

Which is more important – countertop space or a large sink?

The answer is a large sink. You likely use your countertop primarily for food prep. And while you can’t turn a countertop into a working sink, you can turn a sink into a functional food prep surface. Introducing The Galley.


It’s essentially a sink the size of my entire kitchen that has food prep cups, colanders, cutting boards and drying racks that easily slide across. Perfect for cooking efficiently, but also good for hiding mess in the sink.

And here’s a similar solution if you love the idea, but aren’t renovating any time soon. Surprah’s over the sink drying rack easily slides over or off the sink. It’s also heat resistant. We keep a small portion over our sink to dry our cappuccino machine parts each day. I love it also because water that would usually collect on our counter top while things are drying can drip right into the sink.


Whether you want to spend thousands or thirty, there’s a way to a more efficient sink.

Images via Galley Kitchen.

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