mabel’s room

Mabel’s room in our last apartment was essentially a jewel box.


It was the only room in our old place that felt finished and, of course, I never properly photographed it and, oh my gosh, how cute is Baby Mabes!?

When we moved to this apartment, I decided not to recreate Mabel’s first nursery though I loved how the original turned out. The smaller room lent itself better to that design. Plus, we’re planning a dark blue for the master bedroom and wouldn’t want two blue bedrooms.

Here’s what the room looked like before we moved.


And what it looks like now.


It took my a while to figure out what I want to do in Mabel’s bedroom (which you can probably tell by all the paint samples on the walls!). I want to keep a lot of the same elements, particularly the tapestry which I adore. Also, I want the space to be somewhat gender neutral, so that IF we have a second child and IF its a boy, I won’t have to start completely over. Here’s what I’m planning.


Don’t judge me on those pattern schemes, they are clearly preliminary and will require a lot of swatching to get to the right mix. The wallpaper and trim require some sweat equity but little financial investment. I could knock off about half the to do list once the wallpaper is up. Although I should focus more on the main living spaces, I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on this room first.

What do you think? The design for Mabes’ room – Yay or nay?

Sources on my Pinterest board for Mabel’s Room

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