two down, one to go

It went down pretty much as planned. And I have a few new sources in the flower district for cheap vases and branches.



I left markers out for our Shucksgiving guests to add their best “shucks” jokes to the kraft paper tablecloth. You know, things like “awww shucks” or the more PG-13 rated: “shuck ’em and leave ’em.” And clearly, my “How to shuck an oyster” sign was a last minute addition, hence the awful handwriting! Totally slipped my mind until about 5 minutes before the party started.

PSA for New Yorkers:

One of our guests brought the most amazing bubbly from Cleto Chiarli. Highly recommended for the upcoming New Years celebrations and available at Gramercy Wine, according to their website.

And if you’re interested in incredibly delicious and ridiculously affordable oysters, you can still place a December holiday order with the Walrus and the Carpenter.  I can’t say enough good things about ’em. But if you don’t believe me, believe Wallace, the 8 year old who was picking up his oysters (with his mom) at the same time as I – according to his mom, he downed 25 oysters last year!

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