the class in the kitchen

Did you happen to notice the vintage class photo that used to hang above our desk?


Meet Manheim High School, class of 1930, photo taken on their class trip to Washington. The best part is that the names of the students are written on the back of the frame. My favorite names are  Clyde Hollinger, Elam Hummer, Violet Ober, and Mabel Cope – obviously, because Mabel.

I needed a new home for my favorite class when I purchased the painting of Paris a few weeks ago.


I was inspired by a few kitchens that predominantly feature vintage artwork.


So I decided to give it a try.


Not bad! I think the class picture works really well in our current un-renovated kitchen, though, clearly someone needs to hang it on the wall (cough, Brian.) I’m thinking about filling up that backsplash with more vintage class pictures:


Can you imagine how much better my backsplash would look with vintage class photos en masse. As a short term solution, this makes me very happy about the kitchen’s otherwise unfortunate state.

Inspiration sources via Velvet and Linen, Havens South Designs, unknown, Lauren Liess, Poppytalk.  

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