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I ran into a friend on the train the other day who is in contract on a townhouse in our little Brooklyn enclave. It’s the perfect location and one day the house will be perfect too. But for now, they just want to make it livable!

B mentioned that they are pulling up the carpet in the back sunroom (which will one day have large, glass doors opening up onto their private garden) and asked about alternatives to wood flooring for that space. Here are my suggestions… 

I’m obsessed with the idea of brick in a big country kitchen, but think it would look amazing in a sunroom as well. Brick patterns can range from very rustic (like above) to more sophisticated, so there’s a lot to choose from.


A natural stone is always a good solution in sunrooms. I’m partial to flat, grey slates, but a chunkier, clay stone could work equally well. The only thing you’d have to worry about with the clay is little toddler fit tripping over the edges.


Concrete is used a lot nowadays to bring in a more industrial or modern look, but I think it could be quite lovely in a sunroom, particularly with cowhide rug or old dhurrie thrown over it. It also has a range of finishes, from marbleized grey to glossy white.


Speaking of white, it’s a great option if you have wood flooring that can’t be saved. But really, add white to any of the textures above and it’s instantly fresh. Can you imagine a chalky white stone floor? Gorgeous!


Now for something different. I love a good patterned tile, and there is a lot out there in terms of texture (concrete, porcelain, wood) and style. I think a sunroom is a great place to play and so many patterns bring in an old world quality that gives a house some soul.


This is not your mother’s vinyl. Mirth Tiles, out of Charleston, is one of my favorite products and they have a line of peel and stick vinyl which would be great in a high traffic area, like a sunroom.

With brick, stone, and potentially the concrete, I’d continue that flooring onto the garden steps and patio so that the indoors and out feel more connected. And of course, since they have kids, B will need to add some rugs to soften baby falls.

A few more ideas on my Pinterest board for B.

Images: Brick, StoneConcrete, WhitePatterned Tile, Vinyl

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