guest cart

My parents and aunt are visiting for their annual post Thanksgiving sojourn. Since we don’t have the study/guest room wall built yet, my parents “room” is that corner of the living room. My aunt (and many others before her) sleeps on an air mattress in Mabel’s room.

Sometimes the reality of our guest accommodations makes it difficult to deliver the level of southern hospitality that I grew up with.


Which is why I’m so excited about this guest cart using Ikea’s Risatorp. While I typically leave towels on everyone’s made bed and a basket of bath supplies, I love that this is something that I could have pre-assembled and just roll in from the closet. And it would feel much more luxurious. I’d add a leather catch-all for small jewelry and wallets, as well as a glass water carafe and cup to the top.

It’s like the next level guest basket.

DIY via Small Fry Blog

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