Brian and I decided over Thanksgiving what artwork will fill the enclave in our hallway. I’ll tell you more about it later, but here’s a hint: it’s three-dimensional, more of a wall sculpture.

I took last Friday off when my mom and aunt were visiting and we spent the morning walking around Williamsburg. Which, for the record, even during the holiday season, doesn’t really get hopping until after 11am.

We popped in Repop, one of my favorite vintage stores. I was drawn to the back wall art series called Islands by Tom Gleeson because it, like what Brian and I have in mind for our hallway, is also three dimensional.

In a world full of canvas and frames, I think levels and layers keeps things interesting.


Sadly, photographs of Gleeson’s Islands series is not on his website and all I have is one little iPhone photo, but rest assured, it was cool. There were multiple sizes, I preferred the ones where the wood cut to match the curve of the islands. A grouping of three on dark painted wall would be stunning.

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