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When studying and drawing up floorplans is your hobby, houses can start to feel like ex-boyfriends. I find them, I fall in love, I create our life together (the form of extensive imaginary renovations), fill it with all our things (imaginary furniture) and then, one day, I fall in love with another floorplan and move on.

Meet my ex-boyfriend, the Caton Avenue townhouse, from 2012. It’s a little uncomfortable because now we live in the same neighborhood so I see him ALL the time.

When walking Mabel home from school I get a perfect view of the back of this house and my mind starts racing about how I’d add onto the back. Of course, ideally, I would want one of those gorgeous, modern, glass additions which adds another room to every floor.


But the lot is actually pretty small and you’d lose the garage. While I don’t know if I’d actually want a garage, I don’t think I’d want to lose the flexibility to have one.

So here’s the floorplan for basement and first floor, as it was in the original listing (with my imagined renovations from the Salvaged Grace post for the first floor):

And here’s how I dream about landscaping and designing the backyard:

1. I’d frame out both sides of the basement level with brick walls so it would look like a continuation of the townhouse and make those levels feel “built in” below the deck above. Sort of similar to the bottom level in this inspiration photo.


2. All of the walls of the basement level (under the deck) are just begging to be filled with living wall greenery, like in this veranda…


3. … And then made into a cozy little refuge with one of those modern fire pits.


4. For the upstairs balcony and staircase, I’d go metal. Lots of inspiration for that style. By the way, that’s a large farmtable and an open grill on the deck in my floorplan. I’d want to do some sort of canopy for that level as well, like in the top right photo below.


5. And the final addition would be a lush green, albeit, tiny backyard with cool stone pavers leading from the street. The pavers would also be replicated at a larger scale for the driveway.


Ugh, as you can see,  it turns out I’m not over my Caton Avenue “boyfriend” after all.

Images here: modern glass additions, 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, 5 


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