le monde sauvage wallpaper

I haven’t finished presenting you with renovation ideas for my current apartment, much less my vision for a country home. But you can bet I have one.

Simply put, our country home will be very old, it will be renovated of course. Maybe there will even be some cool modern additions, but I don’t want to completely erase the years of wear on the building. Does that make any sense?

For instance, this may scare my husband, but I find this sort of image infinitely inspiring.


I’m not saying I want peeling wallpaper or to live in ancient ruins, but I want to figure out how to preserve the soul of the space and create tension with modern elements.


I recently came across Le Monde Sauvage wallpaper. It’s got that old world, worn-in look but also feels totally up to date.


I can imagine it used sparingly in one of those moody Hudson Valley formal living or dining rooms.

Mine, someday.

Images via Le Monde Sauvage  

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