advanced style

Now for something a little different. Have you heard of Advanced Style? It’s BlogInstagram, a Book and a Documentary that covers the fantastic style of more mature men and women.

And holy cow, it’s terrific. I follow a lot of style blogs and I think I’m most inspired by this one. These women (and men) just seem so free, confident, and incredibly cool.


I keep thinking “I hope I’m that adventurous in my fashion choices someday” but then I realized that I’m not that adventurous now, so why would that change?

Do you think that as we get older we’re more willing to take style risks and evolve our fashion sense? Or do you think the lady above with blue hair was experimenting with it in her 20’s as well?

Also, fun fact, the fabulously sophisticated woman in the bottom right, Maye Musk, was my nutritionist for a hot minute!

All images via Advanced Style

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