our master bedroom

Since we moved in, I’ve been very clear on the design for our master bedroom: dark walls,  some sort of red and white pattern, lots of texture and layers. That said… I have some major furniture/space issues that have been a pain to solve. And ps. I can’t even wrap my head around the en suite bathroom yet.

Here’s what the bedroom looked like when we bought the apartment:


And here’s what it looks like now.


Here are a couple of the images that sparked my vision.


I found a white duvet with red trim from Biscuit that I loved. And then set forth on a search for the perfect red and white pattern that would set the tone of the room and inspire the coordinating textures and patterns. It wasn’t an easy search, but here’s where I ended up.



Now, pattern mixing is not something I’ve felt particularly confident about in the past but, I think I nailed it! My mother kindly sewed the bedskirt and pillows a while ago. And since then… standstill. I’ve done nothing more, a ream of the Waverly fabric has been sitting in the corner of our room for over a year.

Meanwhile, the room has been a revolving door of furniture. I’m like Goldilocks when it comes to dressers!  The only consistent element has been Brian’s gorgeous Eastlake style dresser that we bought at Pippen Home years ago. Additionally, we love this petite desk that was a terrific bedside table and is now a sweet vanity. And this awesome aged bench that conceals some of Brian’s music gear.


So, how am I going to pull this all together? Here’s the plan:MasterBedroomToDo

Now that you’ve seen it…The trend in master bedrooms seems to be going towards calm and neutral, this is obviously energetic and dynamic. It’s risky, and I’m nervous about seeing this design through. But I also LOVE it. It is possible to keep some of the patterns and switch out things later on to tone down the room.

OK, be honest… what do you think!?

All images on my Pinterest boards. Let me know if there’s something specific you need help sourcing from here. 

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